arete is a web portal established with the very purpose of enriching the critique thinking repertory of our country by exposing and discussing the political-social oppression on the streets that we walk on and the everyday life practices, within the political sphere. For this specific purpose, we want to draw attention to the significance of links between the media and political activism, and do protest of the deterioration that the intellectual field is getting face.

We believe that political and social considerations, disciplines, and domains that are regarded as that they are irrelevant have congregated because of their exposure to similar authoritarian attitudes. Therefore, on our portal, we aim to set an agenda by focusing on diverse topics such as politics, art, philosophy, economics, and sports. We introduce our work with the intention of supporting the critical discourse on popular social media platforms.

At first, arete intends for a representation of a protesting practice. Thus, we emphasize our ideas in all domestic and international platforms we are involved in by considering both a clear stance and political method. We put our team’s partnership within the principles of freedom, equality, and solidarity.

While defining the name and motto of arete, the core conception we were virtually focusing on was the convenience of the arete’s for critically illustrating the likelihood of a new transformation to today’s changing dialogue forms. For us, history cannot be reduced to mere quantity or quality, still, we believe that we can build bridges between the past and the future if we understand these two notions in ways that assist each other.

We publish the works on our portal open to citation and collaboration in line with the principles of universal journalism, and academic ethics. Our work initially belongs to our authors and then to the corporate identity of our portal.